Lighbulb by Jeff Lieberman

July 7, 2007

Lightbulb von Jeff Lieberman
Remember how everybody loved the flying candles in the Harry Potter movies? Well, i know Ingo Maurer already did that with his Fly, candle, fly! installation, but this one is just as ingenious. Yes. It´s a lightbulb. But it´s floating. Really. And doing that fully lit! Jeff Lieberman uses electro magnetism and induction to create this effect. I think its a beautiful und poetic installation, especially using such a “boring” everyday object. And what a great metaphor for all the talk about today´s energy crisis!


One Response to “Lighbulb by Jeff Lieberman”

  1. moongras Says:

    That’s funny! I just saw the first part of Harry Potter yesterday! Know exactly what you mean, now. But this one is great…even because of all the talk about energy crisis, you’re right!

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