Niagara Falls

July 9, 2007

And now for something completely different. This post stems from discussing whether you can still create a great effect by simply painting a wall instead of designing a complex structure peppered with electronics and and animations (which might be the first choice today for a lot of people).

Niagara Falls by Adam Cvijanovic was featured in 2006 at the University of Buffalo´s Lightwell Gallery; it shows what a stunning effect “simple” wall art can create. And that sometimes you just need a brush and some paint to make you feel like you are standing beneath a thundering waterfall, where you can feel the weight of the water bearing down on you and see the mist in the air.

At first i wanted to suggest an accompaning audio installation adding the real sounds of the Falls, but then i realized the piece doesn´t need them. Seeing this, I was already hearing the roaring waters in my mind.


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    Hey, I just want to test this blog aswell 😉

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