Scheibenkleister_martyr of the country road

July 25, 2007

fallen angel
This year the SZ-Magazin from Hamburg won several of the prestigious Lead Awards (the Oscars for media design at least in germany). Among them were these amazing photgraphies of smashed insects on a windshield by photographer Volker Steger. He “collected” is models on old plastic bags which he fixed to his car, cut them out and took pictures of the insects with an electron microscope.

The photographer called the mosquitos and flies “fallen angels” which i think describes them perfectly. Who would have thought that those little annoying splashes you get on your windshiled while driving could have such a melancholic quality to them. The fragility and detail of those “crippled beauties” is really astounding. This piece also showcases one of my favourite topics in art; namely that different ways of seeing the world can reveal beauty in the least expected places.


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