Anthony Gormley – Blind Light

July 26, 2007

Look at this one! It’s also just one material but it’s effect is amazing! If a visitor is entering this room, it seems as if his body dissolves into the white cloude. Right now you can see it in the Hayward Gallery in London. But ist’comming to Berlin in September.(Georg-Kolbe-Museum)

Sorry, the installation I mean is coming in the middle of the film. It shows also some other projects of  Anthony Gormley. But I think you know which one I mean.

‘Architecture is supposed to be the location of security and
certainty about where you are. It is supposed to protect you
from the weather, from darkness, from uncertainty. Blind Light
undermines all of that. You enter his interior space that is the
equivalent of being on top of a mountain or at the bottom of
the sea. It is very important for me that inside it you find the
outside. Also you become the immersed figure in an endless
ground, literally the subject of the work.’
Antony Gormley


One Response to “Anthony Gormley – Blind Light”

  1. tanja Says:

    wow, awesome Inga! I had only seen stills before, thanks for posting the video, it explains everything much better!

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