And the winner is…

August 3, 2007

Oh god. This is sooo good. I found this at The Zohar Class , thank you for posting this 🙂

It shows that if the idea or in this case smart repartee is right, you don´t need flashy graphics. The following ads were released one after another as an answer to the prior one. Who knew that car-makers had humour. Granted it works best when viewed together but…its so cool.

And the last one just killed me….






6 Responses to “And the winner is…”

  1. jungle8 Says:

    I fell off my chair! That was sooo funny! Thanks for that.

  2. moongras Says:

    Hey that’s really cool!! Sometimes it’s better to be the last one 😉

  3. […] car ad makers that i was previously unaware of. The first time i noticed it were the hilarious “Congratulations…” ads from various car-makers. And now this. I wonder if there is […]

  4. tanvisolanki Says:

    this is so fkn funny!! hahahaha!!!

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