Topography_missing lake

August 9, 2007

I´ve ran across several interesting projects lately dealing with geography and topograpy. Like the Degree Confluence Project, which wants to collect pictures of each point on earth where a degree of longitude and a degree of altitude meet. They already collected over 6000 photos all over the world. It seems that even though every place in our world has already been explored and mapped, artists always (thank god 🙂 ) find new and interesting ways to look at the world. There are numerous of such projects floating aorund.

Missing lake

But this is one of my favourites. Artist Ledia Caroll drew a chalk line symbolizing a lake that once covered a part of San Francisco. As Caroll explains, you can see the still visible ancient depression of the lake. I love these kind of things, people living in the area were probably annoyed everytime their cars drove over those bumps in the road. I´m sure they see their surroundings with other eyes now.

And for dessert: Topoware. Tableware, where “eating is a journey”. On the topographic lines you can read among other things “Very hungry, hungry, full. An insightful humourous tableware.



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