Message is everything

August 23, 2007

These advertisments all deal with climate change in some way. Climate change is of course THE topic right now and there are numerous tv spots, ads, art installations etc popping up everywhere. These three all have different aspects that appeal to me, but they all have a very strong message as their basis – and show it through text, imaginary, sound or ingenious idea.

This billboard ad was done by DraftFCB for WWF Canada.I really appreciate it when someone uses simple methods to convey such a strong message. (Of course my critical german side immediately complains that it works best on the time lapse video. I doubt anybody would watch it the whole day to see the effect….but i´ll just ignore that side of me for now 🙂 )

No simple methods in this one. It is perhaps not as strong as the other, but i like the combination of image and song, even though – for me – the images of the natural disasters are very strong and you kind of notice the people only on the second glance. But maybe that´s the point. And: the message at the end really drives the point home. Btw, this one is from WWF Canada too.

This is a launch for the “encyclopedia of Life”, an ambitious project, which wants to collect and archive data about all organisms in the world. They won the TED prize 2007 for it, i never heard of this award before but it seems very interesting. Here it was not the imaginary (and definitively not the logo) or sounds that drew me in but the use of pathos and the dramatic approach. The switch from the bare grey computer screen to the vivid imaginary and back to the screen works really well in a dramatic sense i think. And the message of the text has a strong impact, too. It worked too, i really got exited about it (i´m easy to exite anyway,but… 🙂 )


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