Thrilling wonders

September 10, 2007


This image is not Photoshop generated. In fact this enormous cavern is part of Tokyo´s infrastructure built to prevent overfloading during typhoon season. I found this post on the amazing website of Avi & Rachel Abrams, which is part of the “Thrilling wonder” family of sites. They want to promote “the intense, wonderful and never-boring” side of things. And do so beautifully. If you have some hours (days!) of free time and are in serious need of inspiration, spend some time on their website.

Here you can find galleries with themes like: Abandoned tunnels and vast underground spaces, The most beautiful libraries of the world, Lord of the logistics 1-5, Dust storms, Guy´s thing:weird inventions, Aim…Fire! (High speed photography), Cool ads and many many more (i wish i could name them all).

I have no idea how they could amass such a beautiful collection of images, but they are all worth a look, so check out DarkroastedBlend: Something old. Something new. Something cool.


2 Responses to “Thrilling wonders”

  1. Bo Says:

    Wow! I just spent 90 minutes on that site. Thanks (well I’m not sure thanks is appropriate) There goes my weekend.

  2. tanja Says:

    I´m so not feeling guilty, 90 minutes is nothing 😉

    The project for Prairie restoration on your site sounds very interesting. I never heard about that in this context (about flora and not fauna)before 🙂
    And if you like flowers maybe you´ll like the Guerrila Gardening Project at


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