Graphic exchange

September 17, 2007

This is a small collection of designs found at the website/blog/project Graphic-exchange . Graphic designer Fabien Barral not only uses a clever idea to promote his work, by exchanging samples of his designs with other designers and then posting them on his blog ( i know, it´s expensive for both of them), he also created a wonderful library full of amazing imaginary.

For me the featured works are more poetic works of art than graphic design & co. I especially love the insight into the french world of graphic design. For more (more more!) go to Graphic-exchange.

(Inga! This is for you. I hope it´s not too distracting from your exams….but, well…it´s a good distraction, no? 😉 )


2 Responses to “Graphic exchange”

  1. neoyorquiando Says:

    Hey, Tanja!

    I love your blog!!!



  2. moongras Says:

    Hey Tanja,
    thank you so much for this link! It’s absolutly great! He has so many thinks to show, wow! It makes really fun to see all the different pieces of work.
    See you, Inga

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