Close to home

November 18, 2007


Inga, this one is just for us 🙂 A role model so to speak (although that certainly doesn´t mean that i want to throw myself into a warzone).

Christoph Bangert studiert Photography in Dortmund (!) and New York and seems to be currently cruising in a landrover somewhere in Africa and taking pictures for a new book. The last one Iraq: The space between is full of haunting (i feel hesitant to call them beautiful), stark und sometimes graphic images. A really well done book (as are the others on his website), but on a personal side, the idea that someone, who started at the same school we did, is doing such couragous and important (and crazy) work, is really humbling and motivating i think. So there is hope yet 😉

via swissmiss


One Response to “Close to home”

  1. moongras Says:

    Oh yes, I see, there is hope yet! 😉

    I have seen his web site, there are many excellent photos. If I see those pictures I always ask myself how he is doing this? I meen you can not just travel in a warzone and say, hey wait, this is a good picuture, just one moment please. Taking these pictures meens to be in danger. I really have respect for this piece of work!

    I guess he was studying in Dortmund just for the first three semesters 😉

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