Funky forest

January 22, 2008

Funky Forest is an interactive installation made by interactive artist and designer Theodore Watson and motiongraphic artist Emily Gobeille.

It “is a wild and crazy ecosystem where you manage the resources to influence the environment around you. Streams of water flowing on the floor can be diverted to make the different parts of the forest grow. If a tree does not receive enough water it withers away but by pressing your body into the forest you create new trees based on your shape and character. As you explore and play you discover that your environment is inhabited by sonic life forms who depend on a thriving ecosystem to survive.”

The trees and creatures in the installation look really beautiful; just abstract enough to make it look like a strange magical forest, but the processes of our real ecosystems are still recognisable. A really wonderful project.
And it sure looks like a lot of fun!

There is a fun video on youTube and on Theodore Watsons website (youTube might load faster 😉 ).


2 Responses to “Funky forest”

  1. kpgeo86 Says:

    amazing blog! youve got quite the collection of interesting art.

  2. […] Theodore Watson is a designer, artist and experimenter interested in designing experiences that invite to play. One of his most famous projects might be the Laser Tag of Graffiti Research Lab and Funky Forest. […]

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