Propeller Island

April 1, 2008

Everybody knows Hotel Fox, Volkswagens stylic hotel in Copenhagen, whose beautiful rooms were designed by various international artists (The main focus here are clearly the amazing wall graphics.)

The rooms of the Propeller Island City Lodge in Berlin are designed too. But here you won´t find pretty graphic illustrations and clever slogans on the wall. No, this one is SO Berlin.

“Poor, but sexy” indeed. (That´s how Berlin´s mayor used to describe his city)
A little less polished than Hotel Fox, but sooo cool.

Here you can sleep in a floating bed (see above), in coffins (or alternatively if you´re scared, in the labyrinth underneath), on beds that are suspended by robes or on a circular bed that can be set in motion with pedals.
In rooms where the bathroom is in the closet or the floors and walls are tilted. Or in a room which seems to be upside down (the beds are hidden beneath the floor). All the 45 rooms are unique and are designed by the local artist Lars Stroschen who invites you to stay a night (or two) in his “habitable work of art”. Take a look at his website and browse through the individual rooms.



This is the craziest hotel i´ve ever seen.
And only possible in Berlin.


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