The New York City Waterfalls Project

May 11, 2008

The New York City Waterfalls Project is from (one of) my favourite artist(s), Olafur Elisasson and will be seen in NY from late June to Mid-October 2008.

The Berlin and Copenhagen based artist wants the people to notice and recognize the water that´s surrounding NYC again, because “we tend to see [the water] as a simple surface, framed by a neutral urban waterfront. I wish to amplify its physical and tangible presence while exposing the dynamics of natural forces such as gravity, wind and daylight.”

“With The New York City Waterfalls, i want to focus on the waterfall as a spectacle, operating on a grand and impressive scale, while also offering an intimate and intellectually challenging experience to the people visiting the sites along the waterfront.”

I think it is a very smart (and of course breathtakingly beautiful) way to make people aware of the great natural force of the water around NYC again. It´s absolutly true, that the attention is more diverted to the skyline, and the structures of the city itself. To find something so majestic right in front of you, and then recognizing that it was there the whole time and you just didn´t notice it, will be a real powerful experience for inhabitants and visitors of the city.

Just reading about it changed my perception of the waterfront already. But i really really want to see it in person, too.


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