Racetrack Playa

May 18, 2008

I first tried to find some way to relate this post to art or design, but in the end i decided it is so fascinating in itself that the only connection you need is the inspiration it gives you, the curiousity it arouses and the fascination of the wonders of our world.

Racetrack Playa (national park of Death Valley, California) is famous for its moving stones. The floor of the playa (an ancient lake) is dried, scorched mud which has broken into perfect little octagons and pentagons. It’s as flat as flat can be. And there are roaming rocks which seem to move on their own. The stones vary from pebble size to half ton boulders and vary in size and shape. Their tracks vary in length and go every which way from zig-zags to loops and double back on themselves. Some travel only a few feet; others go for hundreds of yards.

No one has ever actually seen a stone move. And no one apperantly can figure out HOW they move. And where they go when they reach the end of the lake.


Here are some articles about it:
The dancing rocks of racetrack playa.
The moving stones of California.


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