A blank piece of paper

November 6, 2008


Danish artist Peter Callesen creates beautiful small art pieces from simple white paper.
His paper cut sculptures explore, in the words of the artist, “the probable and magical transformation of the flat sheet of paper into figures that expand into the space surrounding them. The negative and absent 2 dimensional space left by the cut, points out the contrast to the 3 dimensional reality it creates, even though the figures still stick to their origin without the possibility of escaping. In that sense there is also an aspect of something tragic in many of the cuts.”


I could look at his pieces all day. To create such art with such simple materials. And they tell stories too! About a house endangered by an avalanche, a ballet dancer, a break in the ice and many many more. Callesens stories aren´t written on paper, the paper itself tells the story.

Check out his webpage for more of his forget and especially the amazing detail shots.


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