June 7, 2009

Intriguing clock by icelandic designer Thorunn Arnadottir.

The concept: “Each bead in the necklace represents 5 minutes, and the whole necklace a one solar day. The orange and red beads represent the whole hours. As the wheel turns, one bead falls off and drops down the string.To tell time one must count the beads from the silver bead (midnight) or the golden bead (noon) to the last bead that fell off the wheel.

With this project my aim was to create a more ’emotional’ perception of time, measured in relation to events in one’s life rather than rigid units by which most of us slice up our day. Which is where the beauty of this project is revealed: for although the beads themselves do represent units of time when positioned on the wheel, they can also be removed from the wheel altogether, representing freedom from time. Then you should wear the necklace proudly around your neck as a statement that you are “in control of your minutes.” ”

Well, i certainly like the “in control of your minutes” thing! The clock itself is certainly one of the mostu unusual ones i´ve seen, a truely novel concept of visualizing time.

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