The norwegian post has changed corporate design

July 23, 2009


The norwegian post has changed the corporate design. At the first moment you think it’s really a hard step and there is nothing from the old one left. But then you see that it’s the abstract form of the post horn. Well, I think the new modern look instead of a realy good old logo is not always the right way. But here you have to ask why did they want to have a new coporate design? And the answer is: because they want to be more present on the european market. Ok, that’s a reason. But, couldn’t they do it with the old one? I mean, this traditional old yellow post horn which has already cult status not even in Norway is really not a logo which you can just throw away. It symbolizes tradition and history. The new one is cold and futuristic and will never get the charme like the old one.

I will miss the yellow post horn!


But it’s not only the change of the “Posten” logo. Now there is a second one, the “Bring” logo. What I really like is that it fits perfectly together and completes one another.

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