New Logo: Commerzbank

November 4, 2009


Commerzbank has got a new logo after the fusion with Dresdner Bank.

I think its really a good one. The signet shows parts of the former logos of the two banks. The yellow semi circle symbolizes the Commerzbank, the ribbon comes from Dresdner Bank. Maybe the fonts of the old ones were a bit more delicate which made it better to read. The signet is now shown in 3D because of the colour gradient. That makes it more noble and more interesting to hanle in videos.

All in all it is fresh and modern.




The norwegian post has changed the corporate design. At the first moment you think it’s really a hard step and there is nothing from the old one left. But then you see that it’s the abstract form of the post horn. Well, I think the new modern look instead of a realy good old logo is not always the right way. But here you have to ask why did they want to have a new coporate design? And the answer is: because they want to be more present on the european market. Ok, that’s a reason. But, couldn’t they do it with the old one? I mean, this traditional old yellow post horn which has already cult status not even in Norway is really not a logo which you can just throw away. It symbolizes tradition and history. The new one is cold and futuristic and will never get the charme like the old one.

I will miss the yellow post horn!


But it’s not only the change of the “Posten” logo. Now there is a second one, the “Bring” logo. What I really like is that it fits perfectly together and completes one another.


July 19, 2009

Aren’t that funny icons? I think it really fits to nearly every designer! And the other professions hit the mark as well…



December 28, 2008




Beautiful beautiful beautiful illustrations by russion graphic design who is now based in London. I would love to see how she makes those!

(Apperantly) yes you can.

November 5, 2008

And did.

The illustrator Patrick Moberg sums it up eloquently:

The obama campaign inspired millions of people to vote and they also inspired milions of artists to share their vision of Hope (or in this case Obama). The list is endless, here are just a few examples/links.

There is of course the famous poster by Shepard Fairey.

Or the website Design for Obama, with many amazing posters to date.

And of course not to forget Will.I.Am´s song Yes we can.

And the campaign itself was pobably the best designed ever. Here is a neat post by london graphic designer Ben Terrett with a collection of some nice articles which analyze this phenomenom. Among it a great photo gallery by the Guardian, 30 graphic designers giving 30 reasons for voting Obama and this great article< at Speak up.
They branded his posters, pins, stickers, plane, bus…and even christmas ornaments…the variations are endless.
Ah, and the typography! Gotham. *Sigh*
Here is a good article by the Boston Globe about this particular phenomenon of the phenomenon.

The What is graphic design poster competition on flickr hosts hundreds of really smart, creative (and funny) entries.
Here are a few of them:

The Royal Arms

April 13, 2008

This beautiful new set of coins for the UK was designed by 26-year-old graphic designer Matthew Dent, who won a public competition by the Royal Mint that attracted more than 4000 entries. The coins feature different details of the Shield of the Royal Arms and when placed together, will reveal the complete shield of arms.
From the Royal Mint website:”Against all the odds, a young artist has won a public competition and devised a stunningly original series that stands as an imaginative and clever solution.”

It really is a beautiful contempory and innovative design. I think it´s great that people choose this instead of going with a more traditional and “safer” version.

Go here for an interesting post by Jonathan Hoefler on the subject.