Free Encouragment

April 12, 2009


BOOOOOOOM and Design for Mankind have joined forces in the wonderful Project #5: Free Encouragment.
They asked people to submit short personal sentences of encouragment for people they know and created a whole gallery of them for part one of the project.
Because “There is just so much negativity all around us these days, have you noticed? It’s infesting the internet, it’s taking over the big screen, it’s cutting you off, it’s showing up on your bank statement, it’s staining your new shirt, it’s breathing down your neck, it’s not giving you a vacation, it’s talking behind your back, it’s stuffing you in a locker, it’s cheating on you, it’s charging you more, it’s giving you less, and it’s making you miserable!”

Go and read all of them. They will give you a wonderful feeling and yes, much encouragment. Even if they were not meant directly for you. I think it´s a wonderful project with really awesome contributions. Very inspiring.

The second part which was hosted at the Design for Mankind site asked artists and designers to make postcards out of their favourite encouragment and submit them. Apperantly they made two postcard sets from them which are available at etsy. Sadly there is no gallery of the 400+ submissions online (at least i couldn´t find it) so you might have to click through the etsy site to see a few of them.
Because of that and because i think the stark graphics are much more powerful than pretty postcards i probably like the first part more 🙂 A truely awesome project.

True love

November 2, 2008


August 9, 2008

fairy tale

July 14, 2008

Love Helvetica.

July 7, 2008

Good design is…

June 15, 2008

Our wishes

May 25, 2008

A lot of the famous artists today (especially installation artists and of course architects) need hundreds of thousands of euros and years of time to complete their “vision”. But sometimes you just need a mother with an idea and it turns into a message to the world 🙂

The result Our wishes by Liisa Sinikka Ogburn (or more specifically the children of the first grade class at JY Joyner Elementary in Raleigh, NC).

“For the last two years, I have volunteered in my son’s kindergarden and first grade classes at JY Joyner Elementary in Raleigh, NC. I have watched as he and his classmates have painstakingly learned how to write their names and then write increasingly more complex ideas. Repeatedly, I have been struck by their openness and honesty. To try to capture that, I visited and, with their teachers’ help, asked students “If you had one wish for the world, your family or yourself, what would it be?” I distributed card stock and black pens and asked them to write their answers big so that we could all read their wise words. The teachers helped with spelling. I then tacked a black cloth to the classroom wall, set a stool in front of it and asked each child to hold their sign as I photographed them. I told them they could look at the camera in whatever way they felt.”

You can buy a poster of the project throught her website. All funds raised will benefit the school’s cultural arts program.

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May 24, 2008

New Category.

I have a weakness for quotes.They can be made by famous people, can be just smart observations of our daily life or even just single words.
And it´s even better when they are presented well, either through typographics or clever photographs/graffiti.