A Merry Christmas video by AKQA.

Thrill the world!

October 30, 2008

This is so geeky. And looks like so much fun!
Congratulations for Austin winning the 2008 world record breaking thriller dance!

And here is a close up:

Here is what happened right from the …Zombie´s…mouth:
“Last year’s world record for the largest, simultaneous, (multiple location) world-wide Thriller dance was 1722. Today we almost doubled that number. Today, at the same exact time, 3960 zombies from 9 different countries in 65 different cities participated in Thrill the World (official number still to be verified). Austin contributed just under 25% of that!

The other record that we broke is the record for the largest, single location Thriller dance. The record was held by 147 zombies from a middle school in England. We knew we were going to break that record because we had that many people crammed in to our second Thriller workshop! So, we claimed that record for Austin, Texas and SMASHED that record today with 881 zombies dancing on the patio at the Long Center. Plus we did it in style. We didn’t use amplified cuing, we didn’t have lead dancers on a raised platform, and we didn’t play the instructional video. And our zombies were some of the scariest and most creative zombies on the planet.”

Where the hell is Matt?

June 28, 2008

Very moving video.
(Despite the titel :D)
A higher resolution video can be found here.

Matt “a 31-year-old deadbeat from Connecticut” has now travelled around the world to over 55 countries….and danced. Badly, according to him.

After posting the first video of a dance online,a gum company found him and told him they liked it. So they sent him around the world again to make another one. And another one. And appearantly his “bad” dancing inspired lots of people to join him.

Read more about Matt, his amazing travels and see more of his videos on his website.

What an ingenious idea to present otherwise dry statistical data!
Entering the exhibition “Of all the people in the world” you get one small grain of rice. That grain ist you. One rice grain represents one person. You are invited to wander around huge mounds of rice grains which represent for example all the millionaires in the world.
And compare it with one that represents all the refugees in the world.
Or all the people who die today.
Or those who are born today.
Or a single rice grain representing Tony Blair with the whole population of Britain.

The travelling exhibition was created by James Yarker, co-founder and artistic director of Stan’s Cafe, a performance group based in Birmingham, England. The stories that are being told here change with the location. In Germany you might find out that all the child soldiers in the world together would roughly the same size as the german army or compare statisitcal data from the World cup.

Performance artists measure the grains on site and add new piles or rearrange them throughout the show.
The mounds of rice grains are simply piled on sheeths of paper and labeled. However, no actual numbers are shown, and really, they are not needed. All you need is your little grain of rice in your hand to understand the relations between yourself and the rest of humanity.

Here is a short promotional video of the show.

via Infographics

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August 15, 2007

Even though i love those technic driven projects in urban spaces like GRL´s LED Throwies or the recent projections at the MoMa , and of course the awesome SkyArena in Frankfurt by Atelier Markgraph for the WorldCup 2006, i adore “human powered” projects, like Sonja Mueller´s Wish Visuals at the 2006 Ars Electronica. Or this one. It was done by the wonderful funny NY collective Improv everywhere, which wants to “crause scenes of chaos and joy in public places”.

Of course its “just” a(n art) project (meaning a one time only thing), but its very charming. And..oh well..just go to their website and watch all the projects. Can you label all of them art? I don´t know, but who cares, they are funny, smart and sometimes even beautiful.