(Apperantly) yes you can.

November 5, 2008

And did.

The illustrator Patrick Moberg sums it up eloquently:

The obama campaign inspired millions of people to vote and they also inspired milions of artists to share their vision of Hope (or in this case Obama). The list is endless, here are just a few examples/links.

There is of course the famous poster by Shepard Fairey.

Or the website Design for Obama, with many amazing posters to date.

And of course not to forget Will.I.Am´s song Yes we can.

And the campaign itself was pobably the best designed ever. Here is a neat post by london graphic designer Ben Terrett with a collection of some nice articles which analyze this phenomenom. Among it a great photo gallery by the Guardian, 30 graphic designers giving 30 reasons for voting Obama and this great article< at Speak up.
They branded his posters, pins, stickers, plane, bus…and even christmas ornaments…the variations are endless.
Ah, and the typography! Gotham. *Sigh*
Here is a good article by the Boston Globe about this particular phenomenon of the phenomenon.


August 9, 2008

fairy tale

July 14, 2008

Love Helvetica.

July 7, 2008

Good design is…

June 15, 2008


March 21, 2008

I found this right on time for the long easter weekend it seems.

A faboulus website to “waste” away the next couple of days (or more). ffffound is an image bookmarking website. You have to be invited by a member to be allowed to blog, but viewing them is for free. Images range from photography to graphic design, art, advertising, street art, vintage posters etc. From beautiful, enchanting and strange to dark and gloomy. Basically everything that catches the bloggers eye.

There must be more than 20 000 images there and it´s growing constantly.

A really great source for inspiration.

Happy easter 🙂

Keep calm and carry on

January 12, 2008

Something to help us through the last days of our diploma Inga 🙂
This old (very) british World War II poster was found in the attic of an old bookstore and can be ordered again here.
I really love the simplicity of the message and it´s still applicable today.

It´s in the fine print

December 17, 2007

Just some quickies. But nice ones.

Doryssa Seaside Resort by mnp.



Via Graphic exchange.

tragic peaceful death

November 6, 2007

Just letters – but it’s so sad!

The music, this black strap and just white and black colour create a really dark athmosphere! You see how helpless and sad the person is.

Excellent work even though it’s so extremly depressing!

Lettra TV

October 30, 2007



This is an imageclip for “Lettra TV”. Lettra TV is internet television and only deals with literature. You get information about books 24 hours a day – whenever you want to!