Free Encouragment

April 12, 2009


BOOOOOOOM and Design for Mankind have joined forces in the wonderful Project #5: Free Encouragment.
They asked people to submit short personal sentences of encouragment for people they know and created a whole gallery of them for part one of the project.
Because “There is just so much negativity all around us these days, have you noticed? It’s infesting the internet, it’s taking over the big screen, it’s cutting you off, it’s showing up on your bank statement, it’s staining your new shirt, it’s breathing down your neck, it’s not giving you a vacation, it’s talking behind your back, it’s stuffing you in a locker, it’s cheating on you, it’s charging you more, it’s giving you less, and it’s making you miserable!”

Go and read all of them. They will give you a wonderful feeling and yes, much encouragment. Even if they were not meant directly for you. I think it´s a wonderful project with really awesome contributions. Very inspiring.

The second part which was hosted at the Design for Mankind site asked artists and designers to make postcards out of their favourite encouragment and submit them. Apperantly they made two postcard sets from them which are available at etsy. Sadly there is no gallery of the 400+ submissions online (at least i couldn´t find it) so you might have to click through the etsy site to see a few of them.
Because of that and because i think the stark graphics are much more powerful than pretty postcards i probably like the first part more 🙂 A truely awesome project.