100 meters of existence

March 8, 2009

Simon Hoegsberg is a freelance photographer based in Copenhagen. His newest project “We´re all gonna die – 100 meters in existence” however is set in Berlin, on a railroad bridge in Berlin to be exact.
In the summer of 2007 he photographed 178 people in the course of 20 days and compiled them in an amazing 100 m long image.

I loved how he managed to catch so many interesting people, or rather his photography manages to make them all stand out and portray the individualand the special something of everbody.

You can scroll through the image here.



December 31, 2008

Book art

December 3, 2008

Books in itself are wonderful things i think. Those fantastic worlds that are hidden within, just visualized through 26 (or 29 in Germany) plain black and white letters. But their form can be very aesthetic too and can (and is often) be transformed into art.

Here are some nice photographies i found.
(though i couldn´t find the photographer´s name, if anybody knows him/her i´d appreciate if you´d let me know)





Light and color and warmth

October 31, 2008

fairy tale

July 14, 2008

Do not harm..

June 7, 2008

ah, awesome. And so true.
Snapshot by Raul Gutierrez.